We are the leading provider of security consultancy services and solutions for Microsoft ® Excel spreadsheets. Our objective is to offer the most robust solutions for protecting our clients' sensitive data.

Our business

At DataSafeXL, we recognise the importance of protecting your confidential and sensitive information. We also understand that data stored in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can be easily compromised.

In an ever changing technological world, mitigating all security risks pertained to your data is one of the most difficult and important aspects of your business.

Our vast expertise in the field of Microsoft Excel security will give you peace of mind and comfort over the potential risks associated with your data.

If you are an individual or represent a small business, you can start benefiting from our services immediately by ordering our security product, XLSafe PRO.

If you represent a large enterprise/organisation then we are happy to let you know that the XLSafe PRO security platform can be easily deployed across your entire network. Please contact us directly for more information.

If you have developed a model or an application in Microsoft Excel containing VBA code and complex formulae, we can provide the most advanced security solution for your spreadsheet by incorporating the XLSafe PRO interface for you. Please contact us in confidence to discuss your requirements.